I'm Looking For A Few More Enlightened Beings 
Who Want To Change The World...
I'm Looking For A Few More
Enlightened Beings 
Who Want To Change The World.
Are YOU one of them? If so, you’ll join me on an exclusive “Vision quest” and adventure retreat in beautiful Belize... activate your soul’s mission to reach its greatest visibility with 6 days of profound coaching, channeling and guided experiences! A celestial awakening in the pristine jungles and Mayan Temples of Belize.
This is certainly not for the faint of heart…

And it’s definitely not for everyone.

This is for spiritual entrepreneurs who have a deep urgency to have their mission expressed at it’s greatest visibility in the world…

And who are committed to implementing it in a way that feels connected and in flow.
A Belizean Sunset
Activate Your Full Potential In Belize
When you travel to the magical land of Belize, you’ll be met by your adventure guide to take you to your resort…

I’ll be waiting there to welcome you and initiate this 6-day deep dive experience. We’ll have a full roster planned for you and a select few others…

Here are just a few of the things that will be happening:
  • Jungle treks to rarely seen Mayan temples (ruins), only known to a handful of guides and rarely shown to tourists
  • Meditations and activations - designed to call in the spirits of the ancients and celestial beings to guide us in our journey, and you on your mission
  • Cave tubing on underground rivers in secret crystal caves, where you can hear and see the heartbeat of mother nature like you may have never experienced before…
  • Refreshing, rejuvenating, enlivening organic food at every meal - fresh from the jungle and prepared with love
 Xunantunich Maya Ruins in Belize Caribbean 
Beautiful Cahal Pech Maya Ruins Archaeological Site in Belize
The Divine Immersion is 6-days of waterfall plunges, mountain views, deep jungle adventures, paradise rediscovered, nourishing foods, and a total nature immersion…

Alongside focused coaching sessions, channeling information, planning, visioning, astrology and numerology analysis of your soul’s journey…

All for the unfoldment of your spiritual mission at both its GREATEST visibility, and it’s deepest impact in the world.

From the moment you arrive, the container is created and space is set for magic to unfold…
My intuitive guidance and downloads will be flowing the entire time, in service to your mission, both during our sessions together and at night while we're apart…

And when you combine that with the energies of the land plus the ancient sites we’ll be connecting with…

In six days it will feel like four decades of clarity, vision, alignment, and truth has been processed and activated.  

Your Work At Its Greatest Impact
My mission is to nurture spiritual entrepreneurs who feel a deep urgency to have their mission expressed at its greatest visibility, so they can implement their vision in a way that feels connected and in flow…

And that’s why I’ve created this unique offering

Because it’s how I can make my absolute deepest level impact for YOU.
Unlike my speaking on stage to hundreds, or my live broadcasts to thousands, or my emails to tens of thousands…

This is just YOU and I and a select few others (up to 10).

It’s a full and complete immersion for you.
Also I’ll introduce your adventure guide Jose, because this is a journey into the heart of paradise.
Not only does he know the plants and animals of the jungle, he’s also a gifted intuitive and psychic with deep connections to the Mayan heritage of this region.

Through our combined efforts, we’re here to intuitively and strategically guide you, hold you to your highest, and facilitate a download of truth that your mission and vision are hungry for…

All so you can make the greatest positive impact possible when you take your new found awareness back home to implement.
Testimonials and Praise
Dominic Knight
“I was awestruck by the knowledge and the easy application received. I am now successfully using Tania’s enlightened approach in my everyday life and business. If you worked with Tania yet do it now. It will create serious positive momentum in your life!
Maria A Andros
“If you want clarity on what is occurring for you in your life, Tania can support you in unraveling the pieces and provide you with many insights. Tania Gabrielle is someone I trust and have known for many years now. She is an excellent teacher and very intuitive. I could not recommend her enough! Thank you Tania for all you do.”
Elaine Wright
 “I just had to tell you how grateful I am. Because of you I can identify my almost daily creative downloads. Because of you I have two new product lines in development!"
Universal & Practical
Using the power of numerological and astrological analysis, we’ll also be cross-referencing, checking, and planning everything we’re downloading in the coaching sessions and on the immersion experiences…

Using the power of these ancient divination sciences to ensure your success.

What to name projects, websites, books, courses, or the business as a whole to make sure it’s most fortunate?

When to launch initiatives to be in flow with the creational forces and your divine destiny?
"Anyone can be a millionaire, but to be a billionaire, you need an astrologist."
JP Morgan
One of the World's First Billionaires
We’ll also be doing a full analysis of your Birth Code, your Wealthy Name Code, your Soul Destiny, your Jupiter Wealth Code…

So we know how you best "play" in the facilitation of your mission, and how you align yourself throughout the process for greatest flow, ease, and abundance.

When should YOU work vs. relax? Move forward vs. stay poised and ready? All of it can be easily clarified through our analysis using these ancient, celestial sciences.
Remember, this isn’t for everyone… 
(Who Should Not Apply)
Given the intimate nature of the Divine Immersion…

With 6-days of of access to me in Belize…

I can only do four Immersions per year (and I usually only do TWO because of how much energy goes into them)... 

Only a handful of people can have this experience each year, so do not apply if you just want a free reading or time to get guidance from me. Your application won’t be approved.  
Also this is a low five figure investment, so if you’re struggling with finances, don’t apply. You’re not at the right level yet to be a fit for this specific experience, and we have other better ways to support you!

The Divine Immersion experience is for people who already have some level of success, but KNOW there is a next level urging to be expressed. It’s for you if you’re open to the intuitive and spiritual, and also grounded in the real world of practical implementation. You have to be committed to action...

If you want to come to Belize just to have a touristy experience and not looking for a transformational experience or going to follow up and create change in the world, don’t apply. 

So if you still think you’re the right fit for the Divine Immersion here are the details...
What To Do Next...
A $1,000 deposit commits you to a strategy call with me and gives you access to the application for Divine Immersion. During your call I will look into your code and confirm that the timing or the retreat benefits you. If I determine that you are not a good fit, we will return your deposit. Otherwise your deposit will be applied to Divine Immersion  - so you have nothing to loose!

Click the button below to submit your deposit and fill out the application. Make sure to be as clear and specific as you can answering the questions, so I can get a good sense of you and your intentions for this amazing opportunity.
Once I receive your application my assistant Nancy will reach out to schedule a time for you and I to have a call.

So right now, if you've decided you're interested in the immersion, your next step is to click below, submit your deposit and start the application process.
A Quick Bio of Tania Gabrielle
Tania Gabrielle has been studying the sciences of numerology and astrology for over 30 years. She supports her clients by using this knowledge alongside her intuitive abilities to channel information and guidance.

For over 10 years now she has been serving spiritual entrepreneurs through her online presence and live events… helping tens of thousands of people from over 121 countries.

Her mission is to nurture spiritual entrepreneurs who feel a deep urgency to have their mission expressed at it's greatest visibility so they can implement their vision in a way that feels connected and in flow.
Very Limited Openings - Apply Here Now
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